Burning Man 2022 Moop Map

Post date: July 17, 2023 10:30pm - Bernadette 

This map below is the 2022 Burning Man MOOP map. Love Puddle is located at 7:30 between I and H streets. If you click on the map you will go to a zoomable high resolution photo where you can find almost every camp up at Burning Man in 2022 up close and personal. 

Love Puddle has a red mark on its plot, but we always do a full sweep of camp and make sure that we are MOOP free. We are dedicated to leaving no trace on playa. The last person to leave the playa takes video of our plot to make sure we haven't left anything behind. I've posted that video below the map. We will continue to clean our camp in 2023!


We've Got Tools! 

Post date: July 13th, 2023 3:16am - Bernadette 

6 Port Charger

3 Camp Drivers


100W Solar Panel

Jackery 300

8.0AH Batteries

Drill Bits, Allen Keys, Screw Driver

Love Puddle has got some new (used) camp tools this year. Have you ever been annoyed that someone is using your personal impact driver for camp? Did someone borrow something and it didn't get back to the right place? Not anymore! 

We've got Ryobi brand impact drivers, a drill, inflators, and a new camp power source with solar panel. As well as 6 batteries and a 6 port Ryobi charger to make sure they're always good to go. These will be used for build, tear down, and group camp needs. 

Our Build Weekend Was A Success 

July 1-2, 2023

Post date: July 13th, 2023 2:34am - Bernadette 

We were organized and hard working at this year's build! We accomplished some feats this year that have needed to happen. Each bin we're taking to the burn will have an inventory on the top and inside of the lid. We've got a list of what's in the trailer too, so there won't be any hidden surprises out on the playa! 

With the temperatures soaring to 100 degrees over the 4th of July weekend, everyone was getting a good idea of what the playa feels like right from little Boulder Creek. Thank you to everyone who came and helped, including Alex, Jeremy, and Sarah who aren't going this year, but came to help anyway. Thanks to Brenna (and Ev) for keeping us fed and happy and opening up their house to sweaty, dusty people. And Lenny, thanks for always bringing a cooler full of drinks and making sure everyone is hydrated. Thank you also, to our two virgins Angie and Corey for pushing through the heat and getting a taste of the playa. 

The people are what make this group special and we couldn't have done it without everyone who came! Seeing everyone's hard work was an exciting first push before we even set foot on the desert.